Licence to operate a forklift truck


This qualification reflects the role of a skilled operator working in Civil construction, who applies a broad range of skills in a varied work context, using some discretion and judgement and relevant theoretical knowledge.

Course Overview

This forklift training program is designed to qualify forklift operators under the High Risk Licence Regulations.

The qualification has core and elective units of competency that cover the skills for the following eight (8) specialist and one (1) general Civil construction streams:
Stream 1 – Bituminous Surfacing
Stream 2 – Bridge Construction and Maintenance
Stream 3 – Pipe Laying
Stream 4 – Road Construction and Maintenance
Stream 5 – Road Marking
Stream 6 – Tunnel Construction
Stream 7 – Timber Bridge Construction and Maintenance
Stream 8 – Traffic Management
Stream 9 – Civil Construction General

Total number of units = 25

Core Units = 7
Elective Units = 18

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