Online – Safely access the rail corridor (Refresher)


This refresher involves the skills and knowledge required to work safely in and around the rail corridor.

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The course is completed 100% online. Civil Safety abides by the Australian Government Department of Health Social distancing guidance for all learning modes (online, blended and practical)

Course Overview

People holding this unit will need to refresh and update the applicable state/territory legislated rail safety requirements, current codes of practice, rules and/or guidelines.

This refresher involves the application of Rail Infrastructure Manager rules, procedures, and protocols for rail safety.

This refresher applies to all people accessing the rail corridor who already hold the TLIF2080 Safely access the rail corridor

It includes taking appropriate safety precautions to:

  • access the danger zone
  • access the rail corridor
  • respond appropriately in an emergency.

Total number of hours: Online – up to 2 hours

There are no formal entry requirements for this course, however, you must possess basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Your Training Options

This refresher is available 100% online. Click the Enrole button to enrole and pay for this refresher using PayPal. Once you have been sent your password you can also access your course here  
    • Interactive Online Learning (IOL Learning)• Online delivery of learning resources • Backup copy delivered via email address • All students supplied with a student email address • Instructional podcasts on theory and practical elements from your trainer • Call up CS Support or your trainer via the Civil Safety video link (Hangouts) • Direct email to your trainer • Direct mobile calls to your trainer Practical Component (mine site workers options) • Use the CivilAssess platform to upload all practical evidence as a portfolio (i.e. logbook hours, 3rd party reports, WMSs, JSAs, photos, video, etc.) • On-site practical assessment using the Australian Government Department of Health Social Distancing Guidelines • All students supplied with a student email address to enable remote ‘live’ assessment via Civil Safety Hangouts • On-site live assessment (up to 10 metres away) for large practical assessment areas via Civil Safety Hangouts
  Study Options
  •    Online
  •    Remote RPL Submissions
  •    Skype/Google Hangout prectical assessments
  •    Video/photo uploads