Undertake vertical rescue


This unit covers the competency required to undertake vertical rescue in a range of emergency situations in natural and man-made environments.

Course Overview

PUASAR032 – Undertake vertical rescue

The application of this unit in the workplace covers a range of vertical rescue situations.

At Civil Safety we teach you  the skills and knowledge required to undertake vertical rescues in a range of emergency situations in natural and manmade environments such as rural and remote mining sites. It includes a range of vertical rescue situations, preparing and responding to rescue situations, assessing rescue scenes, establishing vertical rescue systems and performing in and terminating rescues.

The unit is applicable to personnel from the emergency services, volunteer organisations and associated industries.

The unit is typically performed by personnel from emergency services and/or volunteer organisations.

We’ll train you how to:

Prepare and respond to vertical rescues 
Assess the rescue scene
Perform a vertical rescue
Terminate vertical rescue operations

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