Employer information

The Queensland Government provides targeted investment through a number of different vocational education and training investment programs to assist industry and employers train and upskill their current and future workforce.

Funding and incentives

The Certificate 3 Guarantee provides a government subsidy to allow eligible Queenslanders to obtain their first post-school certificate III qualification.

The Queensland Government provides funding and incentives to support apprentice and trainee employment and training through various programs.

Skilling Queenslanders for Work is a suite of targeted skills and training programs supporting Queenslanders to gain the skills, qualifications and experience needed to enter and stay in the workforce. Employers have the opportunity to support and participate in local training projects as well as access the $10,000 Work Start incentives for employing an eligible participant in a traineeship.

Back to Work gives Queensland employers the confidence to take on someone new and the opportunity to grow their business. The Queensland Government supports eligible employers to hire an eligible unemployed job seeker with payments of up to $20,000 available, subject to funding availability.

Construction Skills Queensland provides a range of services to employers, job seekers and workers in the building and construction industry. It acts as a single point of contact to help attract, recruit, train and retain workers, therefore ensuring a sustainable workforce with the rights skills in the right place at the right time.

Services include information on careers, access to financial incentives, information on training available to new and existing workers in the industry, access to potential employers and other advice.

Contact Civil Safety at 1300 CIVILS to find out more information on programs that assist industry and employers