Funding (Qld) Certificate 3 Guarantee

Funded under Queensland VET investment Program, the Certificate 3 Guarantee supports eligible individuals to completed their first post-school Certificate III qualification

It also supports Queensland’s Year 12 graduates to transition to employment by providing fee-free training in high priority qualifications.

You may be eligible to receive a government subsidy for this course.  Please contact Civil Safety to check if you are eligible or complete our eligibility enquiry form – click here.

Certificate 3 Guarantee Fees for eligible students are:

  • Concessional Student – $30.00
  • Non-Concessional Student – $50.00

The Certificate 3 Guarantee is targeted at certificate III qualifications because they are considered the entry-level qualification most often needed to gain employment in many industry sectors.

YES! Given the benefits that accrue to individuals from training, students undertaking Certificate III training and non-concessional students undertaking lower level training, will be required to contribute to the costs of their training through a co-contribution fee. Civil Safety is able to set the cost of training.

You will be enrolled and working towards gaining a Certificate III qualification. As the training is competency based, some may gain competence earlier than others. The opportunities once your training has been completed will vary dependant on the course that you have chosen.
  • Students must be Queensland residents aged 15 years or over who are no longer at school
  • One of the following
    • Australian or New Zealand Citizen
    • Australian Permanent Resident (including humanitarian entrants)
    • Temporary resident with the necessary visa and work permits on the pathway to permanent residency
  • Prospective students must not have or be enrolled in a certificate III level or higher qualification (not including qualifications completed at school and foundation skills training).

NO.To be eligible to receive the Certificate 3 Guarantee, students must not already hold, or be currently studying a certificate III or higher level qualification. This includes any equivalent certificate III or higher level training completed at university or through an apprenticeship or traineeship. It does not matter if you paid for this training or if it was subsidised by the government.

Once! Students can only access the Certificate 3 Guarantee subsidy once, it is important that they choose the right course.

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