RII20720 - Certificate II in Civil Construction

Course Overview

Enrol in this introductory course to jump-start your career in civil construction. By completing this program, you will acquire the essential skills and knowledge required to pursue a career as a civil construction worker or labourer.

As per the Australian Government's Job Outlook service, the demand for building and plumbing labourers, including civil construction labourers, is expected to grow significantly in the future. This occupation is projected to offer approximately 70,000 job opportunities over the next five years.


Throughout this course, you will develop hands-on expertise in routine tasks such as manual excavation, concreting, trench work, pipe laying, and pothole repair. Additionally, you will cultivate several transferable skills such as effective workplace communication, work planning and organization, and adherence to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) policies and procedures. Our skilled instructors will provide personalized guidance to help you achieve success.


Upon successfully completing this program, you will be qualified to work as a civil construction labourer or worker. Moreover, you can continue to enhance your career prospects by pursuing further education at the certificate III and IV levels.



Up to 6 months


Face to face training. Gain real world skills.


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Career opportunities

Civil Construction Worker | Labourer


A combination of core and elective units of competency | Nationally recognised

Entry requirements

No formal prerequisites | RPL available


Apprenticeship | Various industry pathways


Experienced industry experts


Combination of online theoretical assessments and hands-on practical assessments in person.

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Course Delivery and Duration

Our guides and assessments have been uniquely developed to best equip you for the real world! We have ensured you will remain engaged while completing your studies and provide real life, relatable scenarios to set you up for your future!


This course can take up to six months to achieve the Certificate II in Civil Construction. The course is designed as a blend of online and in-person learning, and is conducted at any of our training centres located in Queensland or at your work site. Based on demand, other training venues and locations may become available throughout the year.  


Online learning for the theory component of the course provides flexibility and convenience, allowing students to study at their own pace and from any location with an internet connection. The practical assessment, however, requires in-person learning and evaluation. This combination of online and in-person learning helps students balance their studies with work, life, and other commitments by minimizing the amount of time spent in a conventional classroom setting.

Career Opportunities and Pathways

Completing the RII20720 Certificate II in Civil Construction provides students with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to open up a range of career opportunities in the civil construction industry.


Some of the potential career opportunities and pathways for graduates of this program include:

  • Civil Construction Worker/Labourer: As a Civil Construction Worker, you will be responsible for carrying out various tasks including excavation, concreting, trenching, pipe laying, and pothole repair. You will also need to follow Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) policies and procedures to ensure a safe workplace.
After completing the Certificate II in Civil Construction, you may choose to further your education by enrolling in a Certificate III or IV in Civil Construction. These higher-level qualifications can help you advance your career and increase your earning potential.

Alternatively, you may choose to pursue a related qualification in a different field, such as building and construction, engineering, or project management. This can broaden your career opportunities and enable you to specialize in a particular area of interest.


In total, you need to complete all core and 6 elective units from the list below. These units will be confirmed at time of enrolment. This qualification is nationally recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and upon completion you will be issued with a Statement of Attainment.


Core units

RIIBEF201E Plan and organise work

RIICCM201E Carry out measurements and calculations

RIICCM202E Identify, locate and protect underground services

RIICCM203E Read and interpret plans and job specifications

RIICCM205F Carry out manual excavation

RIICCM207E Spread and compact materials manually

RIICOM201E Communicate in the workplace

RIISAM203E Use hand and power tools

RIISAM204E Operate small plant and equipment

RIIWHS201E Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures


Plus 6 Elective units to be confirmed at time of enrolment.

Note: For some courses, not all electives are available at all campuses.

Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for this course however students will require:

  • A sufficient level of language, literacy and numeracy is required for students to be able to complete the required assessments
  • Basic computer skills

Support and assessments

Our trainers are dedicated to helping you succeed and will be available to answer your questions and provide feedback on your progress. They will provide you with the guidance and support you need to fully understand the course material, as well as offer suggestions for further learning opportunities.


We offer traditional face-to-face training for this qualification, providing a comprehensive and engaging learning experience that brings together both learner and trainer-centered approaches. Our objective is to facilitate a dynamic, interactive, and supportive environment that fosters skill development, knowledge retention, and practical application.

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Upon completion of the course, you will possess not only real-world skills and understanding, but also a nationally recognized and accredited qualification. Apply your skills in a dynamic new position or pursue a new exciting career path - start your future now and enquire below!

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