RIIRIS402E-R - G2 - Risk Facilitator - Refresher

Our G2 Risk Facilitator Refresher Course has been developed to meet the Mining Legislation requirement that mining competencies be refreshed at least every 5 years. 
This is an online course, allowing you to work through the course content and refresh your knowledge at your own pace. 

Course Overview

Are you a busy professional looking for a convenient and flexible way to refresh your knowledge and skills in carrying out risk management processes? Then the G2 - Refresher Course is the perfect option for you!


Individuals who have previously completed the Carry out the risk management process unit and hold a Statement of Attainment may be required to complete refresher training to maintain currency. Industry standards recommend that individuals should undertake refresher training every two years. This is due to changes in Australian and industry standards, as well as updates in WHS legislation, regulations, and codes of practice, that can impact the knowledge and skills required to carry out risk management processes. Refreshed knowledge and skills can help improve workplace safety and minimise the risk of injury or harm to yourself and others. 


Our online refresher course offers the convenience of studying at your own pace, from anywhere and at any time. You can access the course material on any device, making it easy to fit your studies around your work and personal commitments. Our experienced trainers have designed the course to refresh your knowledge on key concepts and update your skills according to the latest industry standards and regulations.



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Nationally recognised Statement of Attainment for RIIRIS402E - Carry out the risk management process

Entry requirements

Previous SOA* | Copy of ID | Internet access and device required
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Course Delivery and Duration

This assessment is an online refresher course involving a series of quizzes with a set of questions. 

You will have 30 days from the date of your course enrolment to complete the refresher.

Unit/s and Certification

In total, you need to complete the 1 nationally recognised unit of competency, RIIRIS402E - Carry out the risk management process. Students who are deemed competent will receive a Statement of Attainment recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework. This certification is nationally recognised. The SOA is issued upon successful completion within 2 business days provided that all entry requirements have been met and course fees are paid in full.


As a minimum, personnel need to be refreshed in their knowledge of:

  • facilitating risk assessment exercises for others
  • providing instruction and supervision to those involved in carrying out the risk management process
  • identifying hazards
  • applying hazard analysis to identify risk
  • selecting and implementing the appropriate hazard and risk treatments using the hierarchy of controls to reduce unacceptable risk
  • seeking advice and clarifying findings for unacceptable risks
  • communicating relevant outcomes, work procedures and requirements for managing risk to all involved parties
  • auditing outcomes and processes for compliance and effectiveness, and recommending changes to improve effectiveness
  • preparing written risk assessment documentation and reports.

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for this refresher course, we will require

  1. A clear copy of your drivers licence or photo identification;
  2. An RTO issued previous Statement of Attainment listing the G2 - Carry out the risk management process competency that is less than 5 years old or lists the unit RIIRIS402D
  • Please note we will not accept wallet cards.
  • In case you don't have access to your current Statement of Attainment, you can obtain a VET Transcript from your USI student portal. For instructions, click here and select How to view and download my USI Transcript. 

To proceed with this course, students will require:

  • Sufficient level of language, literacy and numeracy is required for students to be able to complete the required assessments;
  • Be at least 15 years of age;
  • Our courses can be accessed on any device with an internet connection, making it accessible to anyone with basic computer skills;
  • USI - It is a condition of enrolment in any nationally recognised training (accredited) programme that you supply the registered training organisation with a valid unique student identifier (USI).

To avoid delay in processing and issuance of your Statement of Attainment outside our standard turnaround time, please provide payment or company purchase order upon enrolment and/or if providing USI transcript, please ensure it includes a QR verification code


If the student does not meet the refresher requirements, and therefore is required to complete the full course, an additional assessment fee will apply for the practical training and assessment component which can be delivered at any of our training facilities throughout Queensland.

Support and Assessments

Our refresher course material is specifically tailored to update the knowledge and skills of individuals who have previously completed this particular unit of competency. The assessment for this refresher course consists of a series of questions that relate to the subject matter covered in the original course, which reinforces key concepts and enables learners to demonstrate their comprehensive understanding of the refreshed knowledge and the information they already possess from their experience.

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Our student handbook is available to prospective students and is available prior to enrolment by contacting any of our training locations or can be found through this link.  The student handbook reflects our policies and contains important information on enrolment, recognition, training & assessment, complaints and appeals, fees and refunds, rules and responsibilities and a range of general information.


Upon completion of the course, you will possess not only real-world skills and understanding but also a nationally recognized and accredited statement of attainment. Click Enrol below to get started!


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